Specmash Sonic - Ultrasonic Cleaner, Stainless Steel, Heating, Digital, Laboratory Grade 25kHZ

Cleaning Bath

Specmash Sonic - Ultrasonic Cleaner, Stainless Steel, Heating, Digital, Laboratory Grade 25kHZ



The UC series Ultrasonic Baths are designed for high-quality cleaning and removal of mechanical impurities, grease, and carbon residue from various parts and components, as well as for cleaning coked openings and cavities that are hard to reach.

They can be used for efficient cleaning of fuel supply systems in gasoline and diesel engines, medical and dental instruments, electronic components and jewelry.

For cleaning parts and components, we recommend using special liquids to remove specific types of contaminants.

UC baths can be used to make emulsions out of immiscible liquids, extract nutrients from medicinal herbs into liquids, and substantially accelerate and improve impregnation quality.

• All baths can be fitted with immersion baskets made of stainless steel.
• 5.2-liter, 10-liter, 18-liter and 28-liter baths have built-in drains.

Why are these baths better than similar ones made by other manufacturers? Why do we produce exactly this type of equipment? The equipment we bring to the market offers clear engineering advantages and/or a better value for money.
• UC baths operate at 25 kHz; in this range cavitation energy is much higher than when higher frequencies are implemented (35 to 60 kHz for most manufacturers).
• Why are frequencies offered by other manufacturers higher than 35 kHz? - Because it costs less to produce, in particular, ultrasonic radiators are much smaller and generator components are cheaper.
• Forged stainless steel containers used in tabletop UZK baths are manufactured entirely in Europe, this high-quality steel containers will last much longer than those made in China. Our dimensions report actual maximum capacity, not the bath capacity which has unusable volume.
• Similarly to high-load commercial baths, a digital processor controls the ultrasonic cleaning process in all of our models, no matter the volume.
• We produce ultrasonic baths for special applications at higher frequencies (much higher than 35 kHz) and multi-frequency baths.

• Capacity’s (L): 3.8, 5.2, 10, 18, 28
• Capacity’s (G): 1.0, 1.37, 2.64, 4.75, 7.40
• Frequency (kHz): 24.0 ± 7.5%
• Continuous operation time (minutes): 10
• Timer setting (minutes): 1-15
• Solution temperature (С°): 40-65
• Voltage: 120 V, 60 Hz



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